Teva Pivot review – DH & All Mountain clip less MTB Shoes

Teva Pivot MTB Shoes - coloursThe nice people at Teva sent me a pair of their new Pivot shoes which I’ve had for a month or 2 now, so here’s some thoughts:

I feel the need to admit I’ve been a flat pedal user for the last 7 years. The last time I put spuds back on (out of curiosity), I lasted about 5 miles before it made my knees hurt! Getting old & all that… Part of this I’m guessing was that flat shoes soak up more shock than the usual SPD designs, so going back felt a bit harsh. The Pivots however, gave me no problems at all

Fit is worth mentioning – although a brand is likely to either suit you or not it’s handy to have some kind of reference point, even a vague one. So my other shoes are FiveTens which fit me nicely & are fairly generous I’d say. I take a Euro 45, so I asked for the equivalent. The Tevas are a tighter fit, narrower & more supportive, but didn’t take long to be comfortable

Teva Pivot MTB Shoes - coloursOne of the simplest but most useful features of these shoes is that the cleat bolts can go in from the outside or the inside. The inside fit doesn’t work with every system but it does work with SPD cleats. This means no more bits of gravel getting stuck in the hex fittings on the bolts with the obvious badness that follows! The other advantage of fitting the cleat bolts from the inside of the shoe is that you can bolt them up, clip the shoe into the pedal then loosen the bolts & set the shoe to the exact position & rotation you want. If it’s still not right after riding you can tweak it much more quickly & accurately than with other shoes

Plenty of thought has gone into other areas of the design too. They’re stiff & supportive when pedalling but are also surprisingly normal to walk in. What they’ve done is make the stiffening midsole plate shorter than in most shoes. Usually this would be the whole area of the sole but in the Pivots it stops before the toe end so there’s some flex for walking. They’re not XC race stiff, but then they’re not that kind of shoe. For normal riding they’re plenty stiff enough

Teva Pivot MTB Shoes - blackI like the Velcro lace cover. It’s not a look that appeals to all but I find on shoes without one when I tuck the laces down the side of the shoe to keep them out of the chainrings they inevitably come out at some point…

So, even though I prefer flats (must get round to trying a pair of Teva’s Link shoes at some point) if I do ride with SPDs it will be in Teva Pivots. They suit the kind of riding I do, which varies from messing about to long stuff & they seem better for trail riding than the plastic race shoes, as good as they are for their own purpose

Also I should say that the shoes came without any requirement to do a review & no pressure to say good things!

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