Chasing Trails COVID-19 info

Latest info Jan 2021

What’s running?

At the moment bke repairs & servicing are running. If you can drop off that’s preferred, but collections are still available if needed. Obviously the rules you’d expect apply to help minimise risk.

We’re still building awesome wheels, so get in touch if we can help. These can be collected or delivered if you’re local to Scarborough, or posted if not. We do rebuilds as well as builds from scratch.

What’s not running?

MTB skills coaching & guided riding

Forestry England are only allowing people local to forestry areas to use the trails and facilities. According to the latest rules ‘local’ means that for excercise you must stay within your village/town/area of city that you live in, and obviously skills courses etc aren’t essential excercise, so we’ll have to wait for the rules to allow before running sessions.

If you want to book a date for after lockdown is predicted to end, please get in touch. If you book and lockdown is extended there obviously won’t be extra charges to move the date.

Bike maintenance courses & wheel building tuition

As these obviously take place indoors they will have to wait until rules allow. They’ll be back up and running as soon as things improve.

For any future bookings please get in touch directly rather than booking a date online at the moment.

Thanks to all our customers for your support – much appreciated and hope you manage to stay as healthy as possible.
Here’s to some kind of normality returning in 2021!