We Are One Composites Carbon MTB Wheels & Rims

We Are One Composites Carbon MTB Rims

We Are One LogoWe Are One composites make awesome carbon rims. The best, in our opinion, making them the only brand we’ve been interested in providing.

Straight out of the mould their rims simply need the join lines trimming. You get to see exactly what you’re paying for because there’s no paint hiding anything. Attention to the cut and layup of the fibre layers results in a weight tolerance of a maximum 10g between rims.

Many brands build their carbon rims too stiff resulting in a harsh (& therefore slower) ride. To compensate for this they may reduce spoke tension to a lower than ideal value which can reduce the lifespan of the spokes. We Are One build in lateral stiffness and vertical compliance, giving the faster, smoother ride you want. Steve at Chasing Trails has been riding a set of 27 plus (650b +) rims for a while now and the theory most definitely works out in practice.We Are One Logo

As you’d expect, a wide choice of widths and wheel sizes are available. So you can run your preferred tyre sizes at their perfect profiles.

We Are One make to order so there’s normlly a 2 week wait, but for the best we think it’s well worth it.

We Are One Composites Demo Sessions

If you’re thinking about carbon wheels you probably want to try them out before you buy. Just get in touch to organise a session. Depending on the model this might be a set of wheel that fits your frame or a demo bike.

Hubs & Spokes

Quality rims deserve quality components and with this in mind you have a choice of top notch hubs from Hope, Industry Nine and Chris King, or you can supply your own. Wheelsets start at £1400 and rims only are £500 each plus build costs. We Are One insist on Sapim spokes and nipples which we at Chasing Trails heartily agree with!

Ordering your We Are One Composites Wheels

Just get in touch to order. It will be possible to order from the website soon but you probably want to ask a few questions anyway, so send an email or phone. (If you need to leave a voicemail we’ll get back to you ASAP)

We Are One Composites Reviews:

We Are One Union review – PinkBike

Industry Nine Hydra – We Are One Union Combo
“As it turns out, these are some legitimately tough rims. In one instance, I seriously mistimed the speed I needed to clear a poorly constructed gap jump on the side of the trail and fully cased the landing. It was a violent impact, one that I was sure would inflict at least some damage. I pulled over, gave the wheel a spin, and… nothing. It was still perfectly true, and all of the spokes were still tensioned. That story remained the same for the rest of the trip, which included plenty of hucks to flat and high-speed shenanigans through jumbles of sandstone chunder. “

Agent 29er review from Vital MTB

“The perfect balance between lateral stiffness and vertical compliance.” – 5 stars from Vital MTB!

Agent 29er Long Term review from Island Bike Life

“…exceptional craftmanship …stayed true throughout the test period”

Some info below from We Are One:

Machining Molds

Our process begins with having a fully operational machine shop in-house allowing us to make all of the parts that go into our molds. When you start from the ground up, it is imperative to understand your manufacturing needs to produce finished “out of the mold” quality products. Nothing we manufacturer can be hidden, sanded, painted over or filled. With our rims being naked, it allows only the best to make it to market.

Processing Our Fibre

Having a precision CNC cutting machine allows us to replicate critical layup schedules. Consistency is one of our many priorities and with sharp cutting instruments we have minimal fiber disturbance which makes for better quality parts. “Quality in, quality out.” is our manufacturing floor motto.

Our Layup

Our layup is what separates us from the rest. So we have not left anything to chance, and we have not cut a single corner in our process. All of our layup schedules are +/- 10 grams, and we stick to quality over quantity. Our design has tested and proven its strengths. It’s the most up to date design, using current materials that are pushing the boundaries of the past.

We Are One rimsTesting

In-house lab testing for impact, stiffness, and finish are just a few steps our products need to pass to make the grade. Our rims and wheels are also physically put to the test under some of the world’s best racers. They ensure all of our products have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of performance and are ready for the market.

Quality Control

Small batch lean manufacturing lets us process only the absolute best quality product. It allows us the added time to ensure each product has passed our checkpoints and standards. Our staff cares about what they do, and it shows in our finished product.