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MTB skills courses for your group

Group mountain bike skills courseGroups of 3 to 8 people:
Book a skills course to suit your group – we’ll tailor courses to suit beginners to experienced riders. You’ll want to be at a similar(ish) level, but please get in touch for advice if in any doubt. As a rough guide, smaller groups are less affected by variations in skill levels.
If you’re unsure how many riders you’ll end up with then you can confirm a date by paying for 3 places. You can then add other riders as required up to a maximum of 8 in total.

Course Location

We would normally run your course at Dalby Forest – we’re based nearby! Dalby is ideal for learning or improving mountain bike skills. Although the red route is long, there are great sections with trail features close together and plenty of variety. Your focus improves when you don’t have to ride huge distances in between coaching sessions!
If you want a course at your local trails just get in touch for a price and to discuss what you want from the day.

To book, first contact us to arrange a date. You can then pay with the PayPal buttons here or phone for card payment or details to make an online bank transfer.

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