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Dalby Black

MTB skills & maintenance course offer!

Book a MTB skills course, get a maintenance or wheel build course FREE!!!

Book a skills course on either the 7th or 11th June & get a voucher for a bike maintenance course or wheel build course which can be used any time this year (subject to availability). The maintenance & wheel build courses are actually slightly more expensive so you’re getting an awesome deal!

Start time will be 10am, finishing at 4pm. Start point will be the car park at Dalby Forest opposite Dixons Hollow – the one at the far end of Adderstone Field.

The MTB skills course will be tailored to you (more info on the 1:1 page).

The gift voucher can be used by yourself or you can give it as a gift (just make sure you inform me who will receive it).

Book below – if they’re already gone it won’t let you pay.

1:1 or 1:2 (7th June 19)

Voucher delivery:

1:1 or 1:2 (11th June 19)

Voucher delivery:

Some important info – 1:1 is for individual tuition. 1:2 is 1 day for 2 people to book together & the price is the total for the 2 people. If you book a 1:1 you can top up if you want the maintenance or wheel build voucher to be a 1:2 day. If you book a 1:2 then you can choose a 1:2 or 1:1 maintenance or wheel build day, but there won’t be any cash back or partial refund if you go for a 1:1 voucher.

New Course – MTB air – drops & Jumps…

Think getting air isn’t for you..?

It seems there are a fair few riders who can tackle pretty much any trail they find themselves on, but have never got comfortable with the wheels off the ground.

So if you’re one of them and fancy learning to get air safely, knowing you can stay in control & get the landing right, sign up for a course.

We’ve had great success teaching jumps on the regular courses, so thought it would be good to offer it to people who don’t necessarily need to learn other skills.

Next one’s on the 10th Sept, but as usual if you have a group together already you can contact us for a time that suits.

See the prices & dates page to book, or contact us to pay by bank transfer or cheque. Feel free to phone for a chat if you have any questions.

[edit] It’s 2014 & we’re still running air courses. So far the results have been great with no crashes & ages from 16 (with parent) to 67!