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Mountain bike instruction. Courses, skills coaching, maintenance tuition & guiding

Chasing Trails – Mountain bike instruction

Why ride mountain bikes..?
…for the way it feels, the wide open spaces, the single-track, the spectacular scenery, the connection with the trail and the earth, the peace, the adrenaline, the solitude, the community, the unexpected, the familiar, the list goes on…
Mountain biking offers different things to different people and at different times. We started Chasing Trails in 2008 to help fellow riders get the most from their mountain biking. People often comment that a day of MTB skills coaching has added more to their riding enjoyment than any other ‘upgrade’.

There’s lots of info on the site about what’s offered but feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you can’t find or you just prefer to speak to someone. Don’t forget to visit the Facebook page

1 to 1 coaching at Dalby's Red RouteMountain bike courses, coaching and instruction:

We offer a range of instruction including MTB skills coaching, bike maintenance tuition and wheel building courses. 1:1 or 1:2 is most in demand and Chasing Trails has come to specialize in this format over the years.

Mountain bikers of all ages and abilities have made big improvements to their riding skill with our style of coaching. Have a quick look at the comments pages for feedback from different perspectives. As well as individual and 1:2 tuition we also put on courses for groups as required. We’ll provide you with the help you need in the form that best suits you or your group.

Guided days on the North York Moors

We offer 1:1 and group guided mountain biking on the North York Moors. The Moors have over 500 miles of bridleway, full of character with routes to suit various abilities and fitness levels.

Guided MTB tours

North York Moors guided mountain bikingWe run guided off road tours like the English off road coast to coast; challenging and rewarding in equal measure! Meet new minded people and experience new trails, all without needing to plan routes or stare at a map the whole time!

Local Info

Our local trails are Dalby Forest and the North York Moors. MTB skills days take place at Dalby, but if you want a course at your local trails please get in touch for a price. If you’re travelling in from a distance please ask for accommodation info or check out the link – accommodation near Dalby Forest