UK mountain bike coast to coast

Mountain bike Coast to Coast

Descending Black Sail Pass on the MTB coast to coast

The mountain bike coast to coast is very doable, but still very tough! The miles (average 35 per day) are probably much tougher than you’re thinking. Don’t think trail centre blue or red routes! You’ll be pushing/carrying your bike on some of the uphills and some of the downhills are steep & rocky! However, you can focus on riding rather than map reading as every day is fully guided.

So why do it..?!

You like your biking to be a challenge? Appreciate being away from the usual noise? Enjoy remote, awesome scenery?

Then it’s probably for you!

And in no way contradicting the above, riders in their 60’s have completed the trip. The vast majority of riders that start, finish. But again, it does need commitment!

When’s it running?

The coast to coast trip is currently available to book for groups of 4 to 8 people with plenty of notice. You get to choose when, from the beginning of April to end of September. It can’t be booked at short notice though, as accommodation won’t be available. Please ask for prices as it will depend on the size of your group, the available accommodation and the standard of accommodation you require.

Is My Bike Suitable?

Ask your local bike shop or phone us on 07779930015 for advice if you’re not sure. As a rough guide you’ll need one that has at least front suspension and is in good order. It must be sold and guaranteed as a mountain bike rather than just ‘look like one’. And if it cost £600 or more new it is likely to be OK, but check with someone with expertise.

Your bike will need to be serviced before the trip. If you do your own repairs & servicing see the bike checklist to help avoid missing anything.

Hybrids aren’t suitable. They’re only designed to handle roads and gentle trails and are unlikely to be strong enough or handle well enough.

Route – St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay

Byway to Sadgill on mountain bike coast to coast routeVarious coast to coast routes exist but this is definitely mountain bike focused with challenging/fun off road (depending on perspective!) The photos just give a taste of the scenery, it’s hard to convey in 2d!

If you’re considering the mountain bike coast to coast, the challenge of the riding is likely to be top of the list. St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay has some great trails & scenery; the route takes in the Lakes, Yorkshire Dales, through Kirkby Stephen to the North York Moors.

The route contains classics like Black Sail Pass, Garburn Pass, the Pennine Way & Swaledale plus some nice trails you probably won’t have heard of. People do ride the route in less time, but 5 days riding is the minimum we offer. This lets riders enjoy & experience the landscape. The first day of 5 is quite tough even compared to the rest, so if you’re unsure of fitness, a 6 day trip makes for a bit more comfort!

In general, the riding gets a little easier each day. Some people notice this more than others!


You’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide on our Coast to Coast as you experience the remote & challenging trails. No map reading skills needed & no worries about flat GPS batteries..!

Bridleway near Osmotherly on mountain bike coast to coastThe trip includes B&B accommodation on route. This gives riders the choice of whether to stay overnight in St Bees before-hand or get a lift to start in the morning.

For a 1:1 trip or bespoke group tour email or phone for prices & to arrange details as required.


The trip includes daily transfer for one bag; you’ll just need to carry a day pack with the appropriate stash for each day’s riding (make sure it has space for lunch, water & plenty of snacks!). Your guide will have good mechanical knowledge, but bear in mind there’s a limit for tools & spares! There’ll be chance for repairs in the evenings should parts be available, although this isn’t a common occurance.

Transport to St Bees:

St Bees has a railway station, or if the times don’t match up, Whitehaven is close. The finish at Robin Hood’s Bay has Bay Taxis who have a vehicle big enough to take a bike, if you need to get to Scarborough for a train. If you contact Packhorse or similar companies, they do a transport & parking service where they will take you from your vehicle to St Bees & back to your vehicle from Robin Hoods Bay. We usually arrive at Robin Hoods Bay mid-afternoon (2-4pm) as the last day is a bit shorter & easier.


Book over the phone to pay by card or by online bank transfer. A deposit (or full payment if you prefer) secures each place & you must pay the balance a minimum of 8 weeks before the start date. Full payment is required if you’re booking with less than 8 weeks to go, although it’s unlikely that a trip can be arranged at this short notice.

We recommend travel insurance to cover cancelling close to the trip or having to cut your trip short as well as the usual stuff you would want to cover (obviously check what cover specific policies provide).

Feel free to phone for a chat if you like the sound of the tour but you’re not sure about your technical ability or fitness. If you’ve booked a place on the coast to coast skills days are available with discount


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