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Extreme Lakeland – Nadir Khan & Tom McNally

Extreme Lakeland Cover

Review of Extreme Lakeland – ‘A Photographic Journey Through Lake District Adventure Sports’ Authors and Contributors I notice these days that most ‘average’ social media photos look a LOT better than similar people’s efforts years ago. Filters and all that… However, in Extreme Lakeland, Nadir Khan and Tom McNally absolutely transcend the help that phones, filters etc give the…


Vertebrate Publishing – Pennine Bridleway by Hannah Collingridge

Pennine Bridleway Route Guide by Hannah Collingridge Author Hannah Collingridge has been riding bikes for over forty years and has a background in history, archaeology, landscape studies and language. Hannah wrote the Pennine Bridleway Route Guide freelance for Vertebrate Publishing, drawing on all that experience, which gives this guide a unique perspective. Vertebrate Publishing I’ve been aware of Vertebrate’s…



Revgrips Race

Revgrips – a different take on grips Do you really need a new kind of grip? Well, maybe. I have Dupuytren’s (don’t ask how to pronounce that) which apparently proves I have some Viking DNA! Annoyingly it also causes weird lumpiness in the palms which can make fingers bend at the ends as it develops. I’ve avoided that bit…


Interesting, Quality, New Mountain Bike Brands & Products

Cushcore, MSC Tires, Wolf Tooth, Revgrips, Smoove

New (or new-ish) MTB Stuff Pipdream Moxie | Starling Murmur | MSC Tyres | CushCore Tyre Inserts | Smoove Chain Lube | Wolf Tooth Components | PNW Components | Revgrips | Stan’s Dart | Pragmasis Security   With the last post covering brands that have stood the test of time, it seemed to follow to cover some that are…


Test of Time…

Long Term Brands at Chasing Trails This is the first post a good while, I got very out of the habit..! It’s not exactly a New Year’s resolution to start posting again, but it seemed a good time nonetheless. Starting the new decade I was considering what was appropriate and wondered if there any brands I’ve used for the…