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Chasing Trails customer reviews

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Thanks everyone for your comments

If you’ve been on a Chasing Trails day feel free to add a comment at the bottom, but a facebook review is more useful to us & potential customers. Facebook reviews can be seen in full on the Chasing Trails Facebook page and are also in the sidebar widget (or at the bottom of the page on mobiles)
We don’t edit comments or get rid of anything negative – if you search for @ChasingTrails on twitter you’ll find anything we’ve missed, but as far as I know it’s all here!
Feedback on page 2 was emailed in before comments were working on the site.
…it goes without saying that no one who has commented is paid by Chasing Trails to do so!
Facebook reviews are just here and everything else follows below.








From Declan, who could already get some air before the MTBmeetup jumps course:




 older comments