Bicycle repairs in Scarborough, North Yorks

Bicycle Repairs, Scarborough

Chasing Trails is here for jobs from basic to advanced bicycle repairs, servicing and upgrades.
You can drop off or collection & delivery is available for a small extra cost.

Booking a Service or Repair

Get in touch by phone, text or email. If I’m running courses at Dalby then you’ll get a reply in the evening, but if I’m in Scarborough it will usually be sooner.


A check over is £20. This is a minimum charge that includes gear & brake adjustment if no other jobs need doing. If other jobs need doing you’ll get a list before work is carried out unless you’ve mentioned otherwise when booking in.

So you know roughly where you’re at when booking a service, starting prices for some of the more common jobs are listed below. All prices include the part and fitting, assuming you’re paying for the basic service as a starting point. Obviously expect better quality parts to cost more should they be required. Equivalent quality parts to what’s on your bike are advised, so those will be priced unless upgrades or downgrades are requested (where possible).


If tyres or tubes are replaced we send the old ones for recycling. This didn’t used to be possible, but a new company has set up for just this purpose. You can also bring old tyres/tubes for recycling for a small charge or for free if you’re buying new ones at Chasing Trails. Why? It’s the right thing to do – currently around 40,000 tons of bike tyres go to landfil every year in the UK, so anything that reduces this has to be good. They’re recycled properly & made into raw materials for a variety of uses. Zero go to landfill. Ask if you want to know more.

Job (part supplied & fitted): Prices from:
Inner-tube £9.99
Tyres – from £18.99
Handlebar Grips – from £10.99
Handlebar Tape (drop bars) – from £12.99
Cables & hose:
Single inner cable (stainless) £6.99
Front inner & outer cable £15.99
Rear inner & outer cable £17.99
Standard front hydraulic brake hose, fluid & bleed £29.99
Standard rear hydraulic brake hose £34.99
Braided front hydraulic brake hose, fluid & bleed £39.99 (colours available)
Braided rear hydraulic brake hose £45.99 (colours available)
Brakes & Gears:
V-brake pads per brake From £9.99
Road rim brake pads per brake From £9.99
Disc brake pads per brake From £13.99
Front dérailleur From £24.99
Rear dérailleur From £29.99
Straighten rear dérailleur hanger From £9.99 (if appropriate)
Replacement rear dérailleur hanger From £17.99
Up to 7 speed chain £10.99
8 speed chain £12.99
9 speed chain £14.99
10 speed chain from £25.99
11 speed chain from £29.99
12 speed chain from £39.99
6 speed rear cogs (freewheel) from £21.99
7 speed rear cogs (cassette/freewheel) from £25.99
8 speed rear cogs (cassette) from £29.99
9 speed rear cogs (cassette) from £39.99
10 speed rear cogs (cassette) from £45.99
11 speed road rear cogs (cassette) from £69.99
11 speed MTB rear cogs (cassette) from £79.99
12 speed MTB rear cogs (cassette) from £119.99
Bottom bracket From £19.99 – Price varies with type
Headset bearings From £16.99 (loose bearings), from £29.99 (cartridge type)
Wheel bearings Front – from £14.99 per wheel (loose), from £25.99 per wheel (cartridge)
  Rear – from £19.99 per wheel (loose), from £39.99 per wheel (cartridge)
Wheel truing From £9.99 (not suitable for a dented/damaged rim)
Replace spokes £12.99 for 1 spoke, extra £2.99 for further spokes. We’ll advise as to whether the full set should be replaced
Replace all spokes (rebuild) From £59.99 per wheel
Replacement rim – usually new spokes will be needed to be added as well From £25 plus build cost per wheel
Basic complete wheels (not including tube or tyre) From £45 per wheel fitted