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About Chasing Trails – SMBLA Mountain Bike Leader qualified

Thoughts from Steve…


Sierra NevadaAfter years of mountain biking without getting bored, it seemed about time to pass some of it on. Any sport that stays fresh after so many years has to be worth sharing!

So Feb ’08 saw the start of Chasing Trails. Thanks to all the customers that took a risk with a new company, and thanks for the continued enthusiasm which has made every day out a great day. Also for all the comments (feel free to leave comments or email with feedback and suggestions, it’s always welcome)

The very beginning…

tasteful MTB...

…it all started back at uni in 1991 with a Marin Eldridge. I caught the MTB bug from Ian Snow, who still has his 1991 Off-Road Proflex!. Apart from Ian, we all rode everything on fully rigid bikes (no suspension), proving that bike skills count for more than a fancy bike. Nothing wrong with fancy bikes though, and I seem to remember we all thought we owned cutting edge technology at the time…

A lightweight Dave Yates XC frame (also fully rigid) replaced the ‘expired’ Marin. It was not until ’04 that front suspension was purchased.

While there’s a certain nostalgia for bikes of the past, modern mountain bikes are way ahead & make use of good bike skills all the more.

Why Mountain Biking?

For me it’s the ideal sport. Compete against yourself, others or not at all. Ride trail centres, the wilds, almost any bit of the UK, almost any country. Feed your need for adrenaline or just soak in the awesome landscapes you find yourself in. As someone said in the Roam DVD, “…on a mountain bike you can travel a long distance in a short period of time or a short distance in a long period of time”

Challenge your fitness, your technical skill or both, meet great people, conquer peaks & descents – the list goes on & on

Why Chasing Trails?

Steve Phipps

Whether you’re in need of skills coaching, want to escape for a bike holiday or a day in the great outdoors on a bike, we have something for you

Dalby Forest is on the doorstep, with ideal trails for a day’s skills course. If you’re travelling in from a distance, why not make the most of your time with a second day’s guided riding on the North York Moors to put it all into practice

With extensive experience of UK trails, we offer holidays & breaks in some top mountain biking locations, and 2 day skills courses riding a couple of the best 7stanes trail centres in Southern Scotland

SMBLA qualified to Mountain Bike Leader standard, you have a guarantee of quality, professional guiding and instruction. SMBLA are part of British Cycling, and the original mountain bike guiding & instruction provider for training & qualifications

A bit about me…

Steve Phipps Chasing TrailsThought I should write something as it’s kind of expected on an ‘about’ page. This bit will be short!
Born in the 70’s, nice & vague there, married to Joy. We have 2 kids, a dog, a couple of lizards, a snake & tortoise. Dog is kept away from bike trails to avoid certain carnage!

Apart from biking, love to snowboard – we need proper winters in the UK! I rode an Orange 5 for years, everyone should try one! Now I ride a Banshee Rune; if you want more travel get a demo on a Rune. I run this website & I like good whisky & good coffee. If you want a great intro offer on awesome coffee, follow this link to Pact Coffee. You have total control on when they send your coffee and it’s also really easy to opt out if you don’t like any of their varieties. They do ground coffee, whole beans and pods. I signed up a few years ago and have been happy with their coffee and service ever since.

Follow Chasing Trails on Facebook & twitter. If you’re into bikes I’ll more than likely return the follow.

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