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Chasing Trails customer reviews

Thanks everyone for your comments

If you’ve been on a Chasing Trails day feel free to add a comment. The feedback on the older page was emailed in before comments were working on the site & the most recent are at the top. Now you can leave comments & feedback directly. The older Chasing Trails customer reviews are on page 2

…it goes without saying that no one who has commented is associated with Chasing Trails in any way unless it’s specifically mentioned.

From Declan, who could already get some air before the jumps course:

Re the drops & jumps course at 2016 MTBMeetup:

The 1st Chasing Trails video review – comments are before & after a skills course. It’s filmed at Dalby & the wind was a bit noisy but you can hear most of it!


“Amazing days training well worth the money I went into this thinking I new everything and just wanted to get more speed how wrong I was thank you steve for the skills day you are an excellent coach”

Dean Linsdell – July ’14

 older comments

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  1. Liz C

    Hi Steve, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the course on Sunday, the boys haven’t stopped talking about it! They keep going through what they learnt and how they applied it on a few runs after the course. We have some GoPro footage so will take a look and if there’s any worth sharing we’ll send it over.

    Thanks, Liz

  2. Ian Isitt

    Thanks Steve for teaching an old dog many new tricks. I was amazed how little I knew and how simple it was to start to do things the right way. Your patient friendly coaching is to be highly recommended. Well worth anyone spending a day whatever level you ride at, I’m sure Steve will help you get more out of the trails.
    Overall a brilliant day, thanks again.

  3. Jon

    Finally got to do the red route at Dalby Forest last week. I was able
    to put into practice the skills you taught me and rode with much more
    flow than before. Thanks!

  4. Marie

    Steve coached my 9 year old son and I, we learnt loads of things over a half day session including jumping and tackling berms. We had lots of fun together and really enjoyed ourselves it was also a nice thing to do together. Steve has the patience of a saint allowing us plenty of time to try and get things right!! Thanks

  5. Mark Lawrence

    My daughter and myself had a great day on the 1:2 skills course. I would recommend a days tuition to anybody regardless of their proficiency. Not only did the course teach us the correct techniques but we really enjoyed the whole day.

  6. Lynn

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks so much for your instruction on Saturday. If you had described at the start of the day what I would be doing, I would honestly not have considered it possible so I had a great sense of achievement at the end of the day. I think the highlight probably was coming down the rocky patch in the afternoon, which I so nearly didn’t do.
    You have a great way of inspiring confidence so thanks again for a really great day.
    All the best

  7. richard

    Steve, thanks for the skills session on Friday, it was a really good & enjoyable day & I can’t believe I did the stuff I did ! I was impressed by the detail of your teaching & approach to all aspects of biking & learned so much. I’ll be putting the new techniques into practice going down drops & slopes I would have bottled before. I’ll be back for more. Thanks, richard

  8. Danny D

    Ayup Steve ! I had two great days, I did the 1 : 1 full day course and the jumps course the following weekend. Absolutely loved every minute. I went through a spell of crashing several months ago and completely lost any confidence in my own ability. I had numerous mental blocks along the Dalby red where instead of hitting them at speed with a smile on my face (albeit with little control !) , now i was freezing up and over thinking everything.

    Steve showed me the correct way to roll and float drops, berms, jumps and other techy bits in a controlled manner with what feels like much less effort ! My confidence is returning now that I know I don’t just have to hit everything with enough speed and hope I land at the other end. I have no doubt I can take the full red and its obstacles at a controlled speed again giving me a foundation to rebuild my confidence and speed with the correct skill set.

    He knows his stuff, he gave plenty of advice on my bike setup ect. Overall just a friendly bloke !

    For the first time in a while im excited and cant wait to get back out on my bike. I’ll probably even do a few more courses, I’m sure he could teach even the most skill full of riders new tricks !

  9. Andrew and Killian Cousins

    My 15 year old son and I enjoyed a day of skills training at Dalby Forest. It was supposed to be to get Killian more confident on the bike so he would enjoy it more and not be apprehensive. As it was, he learned quickly and I probably got the most from it. Steve was a great instructor who broke everything down carefully it to its constituent parts then made it look easy! Plenty of patience and plenty of practice allowed us time to get each move nailed. Steve’s talent for mountain biking and his passion for making you a better rider shone through. He was even willing to fall off and make a fool of himself just so we would feel better! As said previously, you can easily spend hundreds on parts and kit when the best investment would be a skills course!

    Just do it – Andrew and Killian.

  10. Steve M

    I’ve done a number of days with Steve, including numerous 1:1’s and maintenance courses all covering a variety of area’s and to suit exactly what I needed in every case. He is very knowledgable on biking and has a real passion for it, he is also not afraid to give real solid advice on parts, and what to do with your bike. He is an excellent, patient teacher and you will definately improve with his teachings. On my first lesson he had me riding off the slab on the black at Dalby (just off the red) and tackling things I didn’t know were possible. The year after I worked on jumps, flow and switchbacks, all of which have improved massively. This year I have booked another course and hope I continue to improve in the same way. I know a lot of people who would spend £200 on a rear shock and not think of doing a skills days. This is the best money I have spent on improving my mountain biking. That is a fact.

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