1 to 1 MTB skills coaching session

1:1 mountain bike skills coaching

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1 to 1 mountain bike skills coaching

1 to 1 mountain bike skills coachingWe’ve consistently found 1 to 1 mountain bike skills coaching to be the most popular service, mainly because it’s the most efficient use of your time. Days off work are precious and we tailor your coaching to your current skill level and learning style. 1 to 2 days closely follow as you still get highly focused coaching while learning with someone you know.

Coaching for beginners and intermediate riders will be mainly about getting new skills sorted. The focus for advanced riders is more to do with fine tuning your existing skills and trying some alternatives where useful. Beginner or advanced, you’ll find increased speed and consistency come from better, smarter riding.


For availability please contact us by phone or email. We will usually answer emails and voicemails by the end of the same day.
To confirm your booking, pay by PayPal on the website, by card (over the phone) or online bank transfer. We’ll email with full details for your day but if you have any questions before the course please get in touch.

Gift Vouchers for MTB Skills Coaching

A coaching day is a great present for any mountain biker, not the ones that fall off all the time! Mountain bikers always want to improve their riding and although shiny upgrades help, better skills improve things a lot more. Buy direct from the vouchers page and the recipient can contact us to sort out a date that suits, although you can book a specific date if you already have one in mind.

1:1 Weekdays £175

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1:1 Sat or Sun £195

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1:2 Weekdays £225

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1:2 Sat or Sun £255

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NB – 1:2 prices are the total for 2 riders and are for people that know each other to book together.