bicycle wheel building courses

Wheel building courses – learn to build mountain bike & road wheels

Bicycle wheel building courses

your own wheels from a wheel building courseThere’s something satisfying about riding a set of wheels you’ve created yourself, especially when they’re substantially stronger than factory built wheels (or rushed hand built wheels..) Some (including me!) find wheel building quite therapeutic. A 1:1 wheel building course will give you the knowledge & practical skills to build your own.

If you fancy learning, email or phone for a chat & book a course at a time that suits.

We’ll advise you on components that suit your riding style. We’re happy to source components you need as part of the service and Sapim spokes are in stock in the common sizes so no need to stress about working out spoke lengths. There’s a lot of discussion about who makes the best spokes. Sapim seem to be one of the lightest & strongest brands, with sensible prices. If you just want to learn, we can supply ‘practice’ components. You’re also welcome to bring your own parts if you already have them.Chris King hub

No need to worry about making mistakes, you’ll be expertly guided every step of the way. You only get to leave when we’re happy with the final product! Wheel building courses are usually run as 1:1 days to give the best service possible & enough focused attention.

If DIY isn’t your thing and you want a no compromise wheel-building service, see the pro wheel building page for info.

Pay for a 1:1 course:

1:1 Weekdays £185

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1:1 Sat or Sun £210

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