Superstar 10mm QR Through Axle

Add stiffness to a full sus bike with a QR back end

You might be wondering what this item is for. It allows you to run a 10mm axle bolt through hub in a frame designed for a standard skinny quick release. Same as a 15 or 20mm axle fork is stiffer than a standard quick release, this gives a stiffer rear end than standard. Normally you’d need a frame with specific dropouts.
This one works like a normal quick release, and unlike a specific 10mm you don’t even have to remove it completely to get the wheel out. I ride a 2008 Orange Five, which is great, but I was interested to see whether the rear could be stiffened without paying for a replacement Maxle swing arm.

Superstar 10mm QR through axleIf you have a rear hub like a Hope Pro 2, conversion kits are available so you don’t have to replace the hub & get the wheel rebuilt. I’m not sure I’d have bothered if the cost was going to be high, but the Superstar QR is £7.99 post free & the Hope 10mm kit was £20.99, so worth a go.

Anyway, the important thing, does it make any difference? Well just had a quick blast & straight away I could tell it all felt more solid. Sidehops normally show up a bit of flex on landing but with the new set up things were much improved.

This should mean holding lines on rough trails will be better, which is the kind of thing I’m after. 90% sure it will based on the 1st ride. If it ends up making no difference I’ll add a comment.

9 thoughts on “Superstar 10mm QR Through Axle

  1. steve Post author

    You won’t need a different cassette. You will need a hub that takes a 10mm axle. Hubs like Hope are easy to convert with a kit.

  2. Spiceman

    I run both my On One HT (Superstar Switch hub) and my Orange 5 (Hope Pro2 Evo) with 10mm Bolt thro. Makes a difference and would recommend changing particulary when ordering new wheels, did’nt cost any extra for the Superstar hub just £7.99 for the 10mm bolt.

  3. steve

    Just to update, it seems to do it’s job off road. No drama, just solid & haven’t noticed any flex yet. It wasn’t rubbish before, but it’s more confidence inspiring & removes a distraction which can only be good.

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