Hilltrek Ventile Cycling Jacket pt2

Had this for a few weeks now:

Hilltrek Jacket
It’s a Ventile cycling jacket from Hilltrek.

It finally arrived & I’ve been using it for a few weeks. Great bit of clothing, really like it, but…

…it’s quite warm for biking in, so definitely more of a winter jacket, if you want one mainly for summer or for warmer climates they do the same jacket in single layer Ventile. This isn’t quite as waterproof, but it will be cooler, and is still fairly weatherproof.

The rain beads off it better than it does on new synthetic jackets, although I’ve not had a really heavy sustained downpour to test it in yet. One of the best things about it is that it looks good off the bike, so I use it most of the time the weather’s bad. It’s heavier than synthetic jackets, but again the single layer version will be lighter. I plan to get a cheap super-light jacket for summer riding & use this one in the winter when I won’t be wanting to take it off & store it too much. The material also seems good at shedding mud, it doesn’t seem to stick easily like with most other clothing.

There’s plenty of pockets, 4 on the front and it has the classic rear pockets that makes something a ‘proper’ bit of cycle clothing! I actually rarely use these on any jackets, I always have a Camelback type pack on & these always seem to sit where the rear pockets are placed.

Not a huge amount more to say, if you have any questions, just leave a comment…