Hilltrek Ventile Cycling Jacket

Just ordered one of these:

Hilltrek Cycling Greenspot
It’s a Ventile cycling jacket from Hilltrek, I like the idea of Ventile as a material. It’s waterproof, lasts years & is 100% cotton! Not too pricey either – £199 seems a lot for a bike jacket, but in my experience most of the ‘membrane’ type only last a few years, maybe 3, before they start to leak so if this goes for as long as people say, then it’s a bargain.

Delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks, partly because it’s made to measure, partly because they’re running flat out to keep up with demand!

So there’ll be a review up when it’s arrived & been tested, hopefully (?) in the rain…
Click for Hilltrek’s website.