Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grips

Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grips Long Term Review

So, there’s always a chance that a manufacturer’s hype doesn’t quite live up to reality.
Renthal’s description for their Kevlar Grips goes like this:

Renthal Kevlar Lock On GripRenthal Lock-On grips feature CNC aluminium locking collars, permanently integrated with the central core, giving the ultimate all-weather security on the handlebar. The integrated construction eliminates any movement between the grip section and the collars, which could otherwise develop over time.
The handlebar grip is your key contact point for controlling your bike. Having a grip suited to your individual demands is hugely important.
We developed the Kevlar® brand resin compound to offer a superbly tacky feel, with excellent shock absorption qualities. The Kevlar® brand resin content of this compound extends life hugely, making this our most durable grip. Renthal Kevlar® brand resin grips are the most advanced grip compound available. The base material contains millions of randomly aligned Kevlar® brand resin particles. As the grip is used more particles are exposed, so the number of particles at the grip surface increases.

Renthal® Lock-On grips are designed to ride faster, jump further and last longer.

I’ve been running these for a year now & if there was nothing else to say that’s a big plus point. I’ve used loads of different grips, some I probably can’t remember (20+ years of riding) and I’ve never had a set last for this long & still work as new.

The level of grip is pretty much perfect for me – they’re very grippy without the jelly like feeling you sometimes get. But they do a more grippy version in another compound if you are used to really tacky compounds.

The technology they’ve used really does seem to work. The grip makes them feel like they should be wearing out but the wear rate is really slow. A year on they still look like they have plenty of life. Although the knurled pattern has mostly gone, it’s hard to tell any difference in performance. They weren’t the cheapest (RRP £24.99) which might put you off, but as far as I can see they work exactly as I want them to & last ages, so value-wise they’re very good.

It goes without saying that the lock-on system works – mine are on a set of Easton carbon bars and they stay put without excess torque on the bolts.

I don’t do star ratings, I think a description is all you need. However, get some Renthal Kevlar Lock On grips!