Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grips long, long, long term review

Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grips Extra-Long Term Review

Renthal Kevlar Lock On GripsSo, as I said in the previous long term review of these, there’s always a chance that manufacturer’s hype doesn’t quite live up to reality…

However… I’ve now been running these grips for 2 years! They’re looking used now, but they’re still going & I can’t tell any difference in feel from when they were new! The first picture is a new set – the second one is now.

I haven’t changed my mind re the level of grip they offer, they’re very grippy without the jelly/sticky like feeling you get with some grips. I find that a bit gross!. The diameter is good, narrow enough for good control but not too narrow.

The knurled pattern has worn off, but hasn’t lessened the feel, the lock-on system works – mine are still on the Easton Havoc carbon bars and they still haven’t ever moved or damaged the bars in the odd crash.

Long life is always high on my list, but obviously there’s more to it that that! These do everything else I want & at risk of using a cliché, they’re a no-brainer. When they do wear out another set will be going straight on. If I had to pick a negative, some people might not like the colour. I’m fine with it, there’s Kevlar in them & they look Kevlar colour