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howies merino base layer – NBL natural base layer

howies NBL base layer howies description: “Superfine Merino that can be worn on its own or as part of a layering system when it’s cold. Wicks naturally, resists build-up of odours, regulates temperature and is itch-free so it feels real nice next to your skin. 100% Zque accredited Merino wool”. Brands generally want you to believe their products will…


Paramo Velez Adventure Light Smock – pt2

Paramo Velez Adventure Light Smock – longer term review OK, a short re-visit to the Paramo. In short, great. As I mentioned before, I’d have the arms slightly longer, but there’s not much in it & with the wrist tabs done up everything’s comfortable & stays put<./p> The big question; ‘has it stayed waterproof?’ – yes. And Paramo are…