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Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grips long, long, long term review

Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grips Extra-Long Term Review So, as I said in the previous long term review of these, there’s always a chance that manufacturer’s hype doesn’t quite live up to reality… However… I’ve now been running these grips for 2 years! They’re looking used now, but they’re still going & I can’t tell any difference in feel from…


2016 Ard Rock Enduro

2016 Ard Rock Enduro photos This is the first year I’ve been to ‘Ard Rock & I’ll definitely be going back! It’s a spectacular event – the trails, atmosphere & organisation were beyond expectations & despite 60-70mph winds on the Sunday, the riding was still awesome. It has a great festival feel to it & if you like the…


Long Term Test of Brill Cleaner

Brill Cleaner – how does it work for bikes? I’ve been using this for a couple of months now, so this post is what I’ve found after a good few uses… …those of you that know me might have noticed that in the past I might have, once or twice, turned up for a ride with a pre-muddied bike!…


Vittoria (was Geax) Goma & Barzo TNT tyres

Vittoria (Geax) Goma/Barzo TNT combination Have to say 1st up, these are for sale in the Chasing Trails ebay shop. but I like to sell stuff that I use, or would use if I needed one of whatever thing it is.So, I’ve been running a pair of 650b Vittoria tyres for about the last 8 weeks and I’ve been…