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The great MTB wheel size debate

Which MTB wheel size? A brief summary of pros & cons… I should say to start off that I don’t have any massively strong opinions on wheel size, but I prefer 26ers. #26aintdead and all that… main reason is they’re stiffer & stronger So, here goes: 29er enthusiasts have long held that they roll faster. This is kinda true…


Get out & ride!

Always good to start with a bit of a cliché in the title… I should point out you can click the image on the left if you want to buy the picture & have a constant reminder that your bike is crying out to be used! It happened to be one of the 1st ones on Google & I…


Hilltrek Ventile Cycling Jacket pt2

Had this for a few weeks now: It’s a Ventile cycling jacket from Hilltrek. It finally arrived & I’ve been using it for a few weeks. Great bit of clothing, really like it, but… …it’s quite warm for biking in, so definitely more of a winter jacket, if you want one mainly for summer or for warmer climates they…


Hilltrek Ventile Cycling Jacket

Just ordered one of these: It’s a Ventile cycling jacket from Hilltrek, I like the idea of Ventile as a material. It’s waterproof, lasts years & is 100% cotton! Not too pricey either – £199 seems a lot for a bike jacket, but in my experience most of the ‘membrane’ type only last a few years, maybe 3, before…